After traveling and teaching for many years, I left a full-time teaching schedule in 2010 to devote more of time to work in uniting the sciences with healing and spiritual traditions.  But I’m keeping a few workshops here and there, and am available to teach locally and do a small amount of travelling too. Listed below are some of the places I love to teach, and any upcoming scheduled workshops:

David​ Muehsam, PhD.


Interplay Jazz and Arts

June 22nd-29th, 2019, NEW LOCATION: Kimball Union Academy – a residential facility in Meriden, NH

Officially, it’s a “holistic learning experience for musicians and artists of all ages and levels to explore and develop their art, creativity and confidence.” Unofficially, it’s one of the most exciting things I do, filled with some of the most loving, devoted teachers, who also happen incredible world class musicians and artists and poets.

VID Art | Science

Ongoing Meditation/Yoga Sessions

VID, From the Sanskrit VIDYA, ‘seeing with different eyes,’ is dedicated to promoting the inherent connections between the Arts and Sciences through a variety of interdisciplnary research projects and public activities. At VID, the public is invited to experience these connections, with seminars and experiential workshops connecting the Humanities and Sciences through visual arts, music, interdisciplinary scientific studies, healing arts, meditation, yoga, media projects, cross-cultural explorations, and a variety of other activities. VID provides a forum for Artists and Scientists to share their paths, forming collaborations between disciplines to explore a world of transformations.

Easter Retreat at the Burren Yoga Retreats, Kinvara, Ireland
April 19th – 25th 2017

Summer  Retreat at the Burren Yoga Retreats, Kinvara, Ireland
July 5th – 11th 2019

One of my favorite places to teach, with wonderful hikes in the natural beauty of the Irish seacoast, a homey atmosphere, and great vegetarian food. Classes are limited to 15 persons, which makes for a lovely opportunity for experiencing yoga in this beautiful natural setting.